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Communication Milestones

The Communication Milestones Kit has been developed by Speech Pathology Australia to assist parents if they are unsure about whether their child is having difficulty with his or her speech, language and communication.

Communication Milestones Kit

fact sheets

Speech Pathology Australia have developed a range of Fact Sheets on topics such as: Tongue Tie, Stuttering, Helping Your Baby to Talk, The Sound of Speech, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Literacy and more...

Fact sheets

the lidcombe program

The Lidcombe Program is a behavioural treatment for young children who stutter. Find out more about stuttering in young children, it's treatment and useful resources on the Lidcombe Program website.

Lidcombe program Website

milestone tracking apps

A variety of apps are available to track your child's development, such as the CDC Milestone Tracker and Talking Point Progress Tracker. The can be downloaded from Google Play or iTunes.